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Spruce yourself up with a 100% natural deodorant that actually works.

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what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it


Aluminum is a toxin found in antiperspirants that is linked to Alzheimer's and is the leading cause of breast cancer.  Spruce Deodorant is made without aluminum.

Neutralizes Odor Naturally

Spruce deodorant is made from bacteria-fighting coconut oil, soothing shea, wetness-absorbing baking soda, and deodorizing blends of essential oils to give you long-lasting protection against odor.


Parabens disrupt your hormonal balance by mimicking estrogen and are toxic to your reproductive system. Spruce Deodorant is made without parabens.


The purity and effectiveness of this deodorant exceeds that of any other I’ve tried. Every ingredient is natural, familiar, and certified organic. Each scent captures the fresh aura of nature--but in a cool-looking tube.

Kama H. (Founder, Kama Botanicals)

I was surprised that a 100% natural deodorant could be this effective.  Now I can't imagine using anything else.

Matt E.

Clean ingredients, doesn't feel weird or sticky, and above all -- lasts all day. I would recommend Spruce to anyone looking to make the switch from toxic conventional deodorants.

Harrison L. (Founder, Rootz Nutrition)