7 Benefits of Natural Deodorant

How much thought do you give to your deodorant?

Chances are you apply it in the morning and then don’t really think about it again.

Sound familiar?

But what if you knew that your conventional deodorant is made up of a cocktail of toxins that could actually put your health at risk?

In fact, this is just one downfall of conventional brand deodorants, the list goes on!

In this article we wanted to share 7 reasons we highly recommend making the switch to a natural deodorant once and for all!

1. No more aluminum

If you’re going to switch to a natural deodorant, you deserve to know why it’s better for your health.

Unlike conventional brand deodorants, truly natural deodorants do not contain an active compound called aluminum that may increase your risk of cancer.

We aren’t kidding around!

Studies done on biopsies taken from breast cancer patients found aluminum to be one of the active compounds present. 

Don’t fall for “aluminum free” or “natural” labels either. 

The whole list needs to be clean in order for it to be a truly natural deodorant. We recommend becoming familiar with reading labels so you’re never caught out. 

2. Won’t interfere with your body’s natural process

As humans, we are supposed to sweat!

Sure, no one wants to smell bad and we try desperately to block it with the use of antiperspirants, but sweat is the body’s way of naturally eliminating toxins out of the body. 

If you block your sweat glands with the use of harsh anti-perspirants, these toxins will simply stay in your body and accumulate.

Natural deodorants won’t interfere with this process and will help to reduce this bacteria, allowing you to smell a whole lot better!

3. Provides long-term results

Did you know that regular use of a natural deodorant can actually help to reduce your odor naturally over time?

You’ll notice you sweat less and don’t smell as strong, because natural deodorants have natural ingredients that work with your body chemistry unlike conventional ones that just provide a band-aid like effect. 

4. Smells better

Once you sniff natural deodorant, it’s hard to get used to the heavily fragranced artificial scents of conventional deodorants again!

You want a deodorant that is either fragrance free if you’re sensitive to scent or one that provides a subtle, fresh scent thanks to natural essential oils that will linger all day without burning your nostrils or contributing to a migraine!

5. Less risk of allergic reactions

Of course, switching to a cleaner, toxin free deodorant means a reduced risk of allergic reactions, which are common with conventional brand deodorants.

This boy’s severe allergic reaction to a popular conventional brand body spray may be enough to scare you off for good!

6. Won’t stain your clothes 

How many shirts have you had to sacrifice thanks to those embarrassing yellow stains under the armpits? 

There are compounds in aluminum that contribute to yellow marks, but if you ditch the aluminum and instead treat your pits to a natural, aluminum-free deodorant then yellow stains will soon become a thing of the past!

7. Won’t irritate the sensitive skin under your arms

Are you sick of rashes, dryness and irritation under your arms?

The time has come to switch to an all natural deodorant that won’t irritate your skin, but, thanks to natural ingredients, will instead soothe and calm down inflammation, improving your skin health over time. 

We hope this list has helped to clear things up for you and made it a little easier to let go of your favorite toxic deodorant!